Good Locations for Kids’ Birthday Parties

There may be many reasons why finding a party location could cause problems. It may be that your child has many friends and your household may not fit them all, or it could be a budget situation where you need a location that is less costly.

I have thought of some helpful tips to ease the stress when deciding on a place for your child’s birthday party.

Local Park

This location is a nice easy one. It’s perfect on a low budget and it comes with plenty of room for play. Compared to your home there is not much to break when it comes to ornaments and valuables. I know that the parks in Tauranga come with BBQ’s that are free to use which is awesome if you want to put some sausages and bread on for the party goers.

Tip: Take some sports equipment down. As you have so much space this will keep the kids active and its fun for the adults also.

Memorial Park Tauranga

Your House

This one would be the most common. Having a birthday party at your house is very convenient and it’s in your own comfort zone. If you have a decent size backyard this is good for games. Having appliances handy also makes it easy to serve your food and keep drinks cool. Also if the weather is bad your house will keep the party dry and warm.

Tip: If you have valuables in arms reach, remove them before the party starts to save any accidental breaks.

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Swimming Pool or Beach

Especially in summer this would be a fun one for both the kids and adults involved. For the swimming pools you may need an entry fee but it offers a controlled area with hopefully pool toys for fun. The beach is endless and you have sand, shells and sea life to keep the children amused. Please do keep in mind that you are around water so make sure you have a few adults on patrol.

Tip: Take towels and sun block. If at the beach keep between the flags. Take some fun water toys for amusement.

Trampoline Park

It’s only recently that these places have been established. They certainly weren’t around when I was a kid. A trampoline park such as Flip Out or Sky Zone will keep you and the children amused as the entire location is a massive trampoline! I am in my thirties and I loved it as much as the kids. There will be an entry fee so it all depends on your budget.

Tip: This type of location can cost so it’s best to only stay for at the most 1 hour. You will be puffed out after 1 hour of jumping anyway.

flipout new zealand
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McDonalds – Classic!

I know when I was younger this was the best! Getting a Happy Meal with a toy and after bringing the cake out was something to look forward to. Also the playground was awesome! Now, it doesn’t have to be McDonalds, there are a few others that would cater for kids too. Either way it is a good place for something naughty to eat and you don’t have to worry about the mess afterwards. The only downside is it may cost a bit if you have a big group.

Tip: Make sure if any of the kids have allergies and are allowed this kind of food. Let the kids run loose in the playground giving you some adult talking time and maybe a chance to eat your food.

Hopefully this article helps you decide on your childs next birthday party. Don’t let it stop here; these are only a few popular locations where you can party! Leave a comment below on what you think and if you have more ideas you can add. Enjoy your next birthday party!

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