How did Peekaboo Party Bags begin?

I was teaching in the UK in a school that had about 360 children.  I was working in reception, which is 4 year olds, turning 5 throughout the year.  They were lovely children: full of energy and excited about learning.  The only problem was our playground was very small so we had to stagger lunch breaks because all of the children could not fit outside at once.  There were no monkey bars or slides…it was just one open space. This would not be so bad if they had space outside of school…a backyard, a park…anything.  Instead these children were often going home to small flats with little space.

Although this did not apply to all of the children, the main group of children fell into this category.  When it came to their birthdays the parents still wanted them to feel they were having a ‘party’ or maybe it was just an expectation.  The parents would often supply the class with party bags and at times, bring in a cake at the end of the day.  The other children expected it too.  If we had a birthday, they would ask ‘where’s the party bag?’

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That is where the ‘brain fart’ came from! It got me thinking that I would like to help parents, alleviate stress at birthday times.  I know the stress and pressure that can occur at these moments.  The children have high expectations too.  I know of one party in New Zealand that a whole bouncy castle was hired and everyone had to dress up as fairies.  There is nothing wrong with this, but my aim is to relieve one stress from the big day.

I am now living back in New Zealand and I see parents are busy people.  Often, they are both working and time spent with their children is precious.  If Peekaboo can alleviate one stress then our work is done!  We hope you like them!  We have three bags at the moment and over time this will be added to…so watch this space!

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Peekaboo Advice

When organising your child’s birthday don’t go it alone. Everything will be much easier if you have help — a spouse, relative, neighbour, babysitter or friends who can assist with activities as well as serving and clean up. This is especially important if you will be entertaining young guests whose parents drop them off.

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