About Peekaboo

Hello my name is Emma Whiting

I am a primary school teacher and have been teaching for over 13 years in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. I have taught children ranging in age from 4 to 10. Children share their interests, which I incorporate into the party bags. I have seen how much effort parents go to for children’s birthday parties, often involving late nights of preparation; on top of working full time and raising a family. We hope our little business can ease the load, assisting you to put on an amazing party without stress.

Why use Peekaboo Party Bags for your childs birthday?

At Peekaboo Party Bags we understand how busy parents are and it is our aim to take some pressure off putting on birthday parties. We supply readymade party bags, with quality treats for children. It is as easy as making the order and awaiting their arrival.

The ‘to do’ list is long when you are planning a birthday party: Invitations, birthday cake, entertainment, party food and the list goes on. Parents have enough to do in a day! We hope our little business can ease the load, assisting you to put on an amazing party without stress.

We are here to make it easier for you

As a new business Peekaboo has started off with two options: a Boys Party Bag and a Girls Party Bag. We aim to keep up with latest trends for children to ensure they gain full enjoyment of their goodies. We are intending to further add to our collection with themed party bags (e.g. pirate and princess party bags). To keep up to date with business development and new products, please sign up for our special offers newsletter below.

We do not include food in our party bags as we understand there are children with allergies. Each party bag has approximately 8 things. Our party bag fillers are items that we have carefully picked to ensure excitement and value for money.

We have seen children opening our party bags and it is an absolute pleasure for us to see their enthusiasm. It was not a party bag that they opened and put to one side. Instead they were pulling out one treat at a time and wanting to use and play with it all.