Peekaboo Birthday Present Ideas

A birthday present is the type of thing that will depend on the age of the child, but here are a few things that the children seem to be really enjoying at this point in time.  The following are suggestions for children 5+.


First there are Squishies.  These are soft, themed and squishy toys.  They do not really do much but the children really like them.  These come in many shapes and sizes.  Mostly, they seem to come in food and animal shapes, some are scented too.

Peekaboo Birthday Present Ideas


Beyblades are always a big hit.  They are fancy spinning tops.  The children can have Beyblade battles, which involve trying to continue spinning for the longest.  The children start with ‘Let it rip…’ as they pull a cord to set it going.  You can purchase plastic or metal ones.  Often boys are interested in this, but girls enjoy it too.

Peekaboo Birthday Present Ideas


Lego is always popular for boys and girls.  I like Lego because it gives children something to do, a bit of a challenge.  Nowadays, Lego comes in ready-made packs.  Depending on your budget you can get anything from a motorbike to a pirate ship and anything in between.  Once the children have made the item and get a bit board they can build whatever they like.  If the children are a bit younger, I would recommend getting larger bricks.  This is easier to manipulate and it avoids the choking hazard.

Peekaboo Birthday Present Ideas

Hatchimals and Shopkins

We went to a birthday a few months ago and Hatchimals and Shopkins are also very popular.  The children particularly enjoy collecting and trading the Shopkins.  Shopkins are miniature toys, which come in a range of themes, including food, animals and clothing.  Hatchimals are creatures that hatch out of eggs.  Again, they can be collected and children really love surprises.

Peekaboo Birthday Present Ideas


Smiggle is also a shop that the children seem to love.  Believe it or not they sell stationary!  The stationary is pretty funky.  Rubbers might be scented.  Sharpeners in random shapes.  A voucher from smuggle is good if you have absolutely no idea of what to get and the child can choose themselves.

Peekaboo Birthday Present Ideas

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It is always my preference to give something that the children can actually do.  I have to admit that I really like to get books for children.  Especially for the children that you know will get loads of other gifts.  It sounds a bit boring but in my opinion a child can never have enough books.  Time is so valuable and reading to the children is so enjoyable at the end of the day.

There are many gifts out there and trends change all the time.  You can always ask your child or someone close in age to the birthday child.

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