Simple Baby Shower Games

I have recently had the privilege of organising my friend’s baby shower.  I had loads of fun doing it! I realised that it did not need to cost a lot of money or take a lot of time to do.  Also, I found there were lots of people who were willing to help. Here are some of the things we did:

Baby Names

My friend is having trouble coming up with baby names for her baby.  Luckily, she has found out what she is having…a boy. I got small cardboard name tags from KMart and left them out for people to write ideas for names.  This was really simple and only cost about $3.

Simple Baby Shower Games

Baby Bingo

I have been to many baby showers where the opening of presents can be a bit boring. A way to get the audience involved and to take a bit of pressure off the mother to be, is to play bingo. I made bingo cards, which include presents the mother to be might receive, for example, bath toys, booties. You can have two winners, just like bingo, a line and the whole card.

Download Bingo Card

M & M’s in a Bottle

Again, I headed to KMart and got a babies bottle.  I filled the bottle with M&M’s and counted them. The baby shower ladies had to guess the number of lollies in the bottle.  I printed off a recording sheet for them to write their guesses on.

Simple Baby Shower Games

How fat is the Mother to Be?

This one involves some string and a good guess.  The idea of this activity is to guess how big they think the mother to be is around her tummy.  It shows how good or bad people are at estimating. My only advice is to make sure the mother to be is not sensitive to this sort of thing.

Cornhole – Caution: Can be a bit naughty

I am a teacher, so we have cornhole at school.  For those of you who do not know, cornhole is a game where you throw a beanbag through the hole. I adapted this slightly.  I got some really cheap fleecy fabric and stitched three sperm. Instead of throwing beanbags, you throw the sperm through the hole.

Simple Baby Shower Games


I chose a high tea theme, so the day before I was busy making scones, cake and sandwiches.  I also got a few other people to bake for it too. Another friend offered to organise the cake and the drinks.


Again, good old KMart.  I got all of the decorations from here.  I got hanging pom poms, bunting, a tablecloth… There are so many options and they are super cheap.  The thing I like about KMart is that things to not look cheap.

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Just remember when you are organising a baby shower the main thing is everyone getting together and having a catch up.  In the past I have had loads of games and kept people busy the whole time. With this baby shower, I let people do the activities as they felt like it (except for bingo) and it worked really well.  People were happy to catch up and when they had time they could do the different games. I think it was a success!

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