Kids Party Games On A Low Budget

Kids party games must be the most exciting part of a birthday party! Hmmm well, the presents you get are very exciting also! But kids have a lot of energy and on top of all the yummy food you will need to have some fun games to play.

Now some party games can involve money and sometimes more than you’re willing to spend. This can come across as an issue to parents with all the other expenses involved. So Peekaboo Party Bags have sorted a list of kids party games that you can play on a low budget. Let’s get into it!

Pass The Parcel

This is a classic! Even when I was a kid it was a popular one. Basically this is what you need:

  • Small toy items
  • Newspaper or Wrapping Paper
  • Cellotape
  • Music
  • Kids
  1. Wrap up each toy in the paper you want to use. You can add padding inside the paper to give more volume and surprise.
  2. Have the party kids sitting in a circle.
  3. Play some cool music
  4. Get the kids to start passing the parcel around the circle.
  5. Stop the music and whoever is holding it gets to open the parcel layer and keep the toy!
  6. Continue doing this until everyone gets a toy. (Make sure EVERYONE gets one or it could turn out to be a crying situation)
  7. Usually the middle prize is the big one. You can decide who gets that one 🙂

An easy way to get affordable toys to use is to buy one Boys Party Bag and one Girls Party Bag. This will supply you with 16 toys to put amongst the paper layers.

pass the parcel
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Go Home, Stay Home

Again this is a great classic game. If you have a birthday location with heaps of hiding places this is perfect! This is how you play it.

  1. One kid nominates themselves to be the guard. They will be guarding a specific area you will call home.
  2. All other kids go and hide around the birthday location.
  3. The guard then ventures out to find the others. Keep in mind the guard still needs to guard the home.
  4. The other kids hiding then need to secretly get back home without getting caught (tagged) by the guard.
  5. If the guard tags someone before they can get back to the home location, that person then joins the guard. This making it harder now for the others.
  6. This continues until there is only one person left. That person is the winner!

Pirate Treasure Hunt

The Pirate Treasure Hunt is an exciting game as kids love to find things! This game is pretty straight forward.

  1. Before the party begins, find somewhere which could include your backyard or inside your house, and hide some treats. It could basically just be small lollies mixed with a few small toys.
  2. When the kids arrive, tell them to go searching around the area you have chosen.
  3. Everything they find, they can keep!
  4. Try and remember where everything is to find left overs. If you don’t remember it all, I’m sure your pet dog will enjoy the left over treats!
  5. Have some spares incase one kids doesn’t find much. This way you can keep happy faces around the party and no tears.

We supply Pirate Party Bags if you decide to have a themed party we can help! 🙂

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Blindman’s Buff

This is an easy one and a very old one. It actually was played 2000 years ago in Greece! One thing, please make sure its in an open area without hazardous objects.

  1. Get a party goer to nominate themselves to be the ‘Blindman’.
  2. Spin the nominated player around in circles a few times to disorientate.
  3. The other players amuse themselves by calling out to The ‘Blindman’.
  4. The ‘Blindman’ has to tag a player to pass over the blindfold.

Stuck In The Mud

Kids have a lot of energy to burn so this game is great. This is how it works.

  1. One player nominates to be in.
  2. All the other players scatter around.
  3. The player that is in needs to tag as many people as possible.
  4. When a player has been tagged, they stand still with their legs open (stuck in the mud)
  5. The only way to be freed is a non tagged player to crawl through the legs.
  6. Players are safe while crawling through the legs. It’s the safe spot!
  7. The game is over when all players have been tagged and are stuck in the mud.

Hopefully, some of these games will come in handy if you find yourself on a low spending budget. They are definitely some of my old favourites as a child but are still played to this day. Enjoy your party!

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